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2024 Trail Conditions

Trail Reports

January 27, 2024

We are not grooming any trails. The snow is soft or slushy.  Dirt is exposed in many areas. Hope for cooler weather, then snow!

I will not be providing trail updates until we have more snow.  

January 20, 2024

The volunteer groomer operators made an attempt to roll / pack the Timberwolf from the Wildhurst to the Tomahawk on 1/18/2024, but the lack of snow prevailed.  The ride was rough due to rocks and the attempt was hard on our equipment, so the crew turned back. 

Good news - The Hockaman, Camp, and the Baptism from the Camp to the state trail was groomed this morning.  (January 20) At this time, there seems to be enough snow on those trails to keep them smooth.  

This week is supposed to bring us warm weather.  We can't take much before the little snow we have will expose the dirt again.  I will keep you posted.

January 15, 2024

The volunteers were out working hard yesterday!  Packing trails with both the roller and the groomer to make a solid base.  We still need more snow.  We are planning on being out is the cold today to continue packing.

January 13, 2024


Hello Snowmobile enthusiasts!  FINALLY, The Finland area is getting some snow. We have begun packing trails, but not grooming.  

The Finland Club purchased a vertical brush cutter to help clear the trails.  The purchase was made possible with a grant!

The Finland Snowmobile & ATV Club bought a roller with the help of a grant!  The club has begun packing the trails on 1-13-2024

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