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The Finland Snowmobile and ATV Club is made up from volunteer snowmobile and ATV enthusiasts. These volunteers are dedicated to maintaining the trails around Finland MN for those who enjoy snowmobiling and riding ATV's.  The club is responsible for over 30 miles of trails including the Hockaman, Eckbeck, Lax Lake, Camp, Baptism, Moose Run, part of the Moose Walk and the Timberwolf Trails.  

  • Help Support our club by donating using PayPal.  All donations are used to support our club's trail Maintenance.  Donate by Clicking below. 

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New Trail Update Jan 27, 2024!  :(

Education Page

The Finland Snowmobile & ATV Club is adding a page to our website.  The page will be titled as Education.  We will post items on the page that will fall under that category.  Please check out our Education Page!

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