Current trail conditions
July 4th, 2021
Trails are a work in progress. We are 
still doing a bit of clean up a long
with some culvert work. Watch for 
equipment that might be on the trail. 
Dusty, dry & rocky!

Our trails will have you winding  through
several different types of forests, bridges that take you over rivers , streams & creeks. You can expect rocky trails along with some smoother ones. Enjoy them when you can!
A wildlife encounter is always possible!

Finland is your gateway to hundreds of miles of trails. You can get to Duluth,  Ely, Grand Marais and every town in between. There  are stops along the way for food & fuel. You will also find gorgeous vistas  of Lake Superior, canyons and rock palisades.

Another nice day to be out playing in the snow!
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